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9 Week Professional Groomer Course

Professional Groomer Course, Curriculum Outline

Introduction Orientation
An introduction to the pet care industry, grooming, and breed identification will be conducted. There will be a description of the school environment including school policies, procedures regulations and safety procedures.

Selection and Care of Equipment
A detailed presentation of the equipment used in the grooming profession will be presented. The student will be taught how to select the proper tool for each grooming operation. The maintenance and proper sanitation of grooming equipment will be discussed in detail.

Pet First Aid 
You will receive training in Pet First Aid. This is a valuable skill to have during the course of your pet-grooming career!

Safety and Sanitation
Safety precautions to be followed in the grooming salon and the importance of proper sanitation will be discussed in detail.

Animal Psychology and Temperament
The behavior, socialization and the methods of dealing with dogs and in the grooming environment will be presented.

Proper Handling and Restraining Techniques
Demonstrations of the utilization of correct restraining techniques will be demonstrated. Procedures for instilling basic pet obedience will be shown. The importance of maintaining patience will be emphasized.

Animal Physiology
The basic anatomy of dogs will be described. A description of animal physiology will be presented.

Skin Disorders and Parasites
The student will be taught to recognize common skin problems and the causes of these ailments.

Cat Grooming
A demonstration of cat grooming and the safety measures necessary for the handling of cats will be presented.

Salon Management
The dynamics of running a successful pet grooming business will be taught. This will include, shop operation, pricing, record keeping, client relations, and professional business etiquette.

Starting Your Own Grooming Business
For those interested in opening there own business after graduation a highly skilled business consultant will present a step-by-step instructions for staring and managing your own pet grooming business.

Creative Grooming

Grooming patterns will be shown for all popular breeds of dogs and cats. The entire grooming process including, prepping, bathing, drying, and finishing will be demonstrated and practiced. Creative grooming for mixed breeds, poodles, longhaired and purebred patterns, including poodle, etc., will be taught.

Practical Experience
There will be many hours of hands on practical grooming experience practicing what was taught in class. Periodic written and practical tests will be conducted to determine the progress of each student and to assure that the required educational objectives are being met. Special attention is given to each student.

Class Size
Classes are limited to five students. This allows each student to receive personalized instruction and tutoring.

Grooming Tools
You will need grooming tools to learn and practice your grooming skills. Your instructors have carefully selected high quality tools to needed for your career as a professional groomer. The cost of this tool kit is $925.00.