About Us


March 2020

Classy Pup Grooming Salon is observing all virus protection procedures .We sanitize all surfaces several times a day. All staff members wear surgical gloves at all times. We have surgical grade hand cleaner.

Our door is locked. We will receive and return you pet outside. We will attach a temporary leash to your pet to avoid the possibility of introducing pathogens into our facility.

We are offering a 15% discount during the  for grooming done by our school. All grooming is carefully supervised by instructors certified by the State of Colorado Dept of Education. Satisfaction guaranteed.

 Loveland, Colorado

Call:  970-667-2766

The Classy Pet Grooming School has been training professional pet groomers for over 23 years. We have graduated hundreds of students who have then successfully obtained jobs in the grooming profession or started their own successful pet grooming businesses.

Our class sizes are limited to five students to maximize individual attention to our students. We have 3 instructors approved by the State of Colorado Department of higher education to teach professional pet grooming. The groomers on staff are also available to assist you. All of our groomers are graduates of grooming schools and are experienced professionals.

The school is located adjacent to the Classy Pup Grooming Salon. Students are trained in the dynamic atmosphere of an operating grooming salon. This is invaluable experience in real world Professional Pet Grooming. This combined with academic instruction and testing will prepare you for your career.

We are certified by the State of Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools to provide this training. The States of Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska Work Force and rehabilitation agencies have also approved our school for the training of those desiring to enter the pet grooming profession. We are also approved to train students for the State of Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Eligible veterans and their dependents can receive assistance from the U.S. Veterans Administration. Contact your local VA Office for details.